USB Charger 510 Connection For Ego Or Evod Battery

  • Product Code USBEgo

E-Nic EGO & EVOD charging Adaptor

The device tailored for your convenience. Any Laptop, any PC, any MAC or Phone with a USB port,

anywhere! For use with Shisha pen betteries, this product slots into your USB port and then the E-Cigarette goes in the back, a handy LED light will

then tell you when your Cigarette is charged. 
This adaptor uses a 510 connection.

If you are unfamiliar with Shisha pen vaping, we have all you need right here on this site.
You can get our full Shisha pen starter kits, or find the E-liquid, Tanks and EGO Batteries/EVOD batteries seperatley, for a more personalised Electronic cigarette.


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