Cartridge Refills

Looking to refill and replenish? E-Nic has a wide variety of different strengths and flavours, including the traditional authentic Tobacco flavour. Looking for an alternative? Why not try our menthols, or if you're feeling exotic, there's even melon flavoured cartometers.The power of choice is yours to command, with our enjoyable range of refills. At E-Nic, we want refilling to be easy and hassle free, so we're also offering savings on your purchases the more cartometers you buy! Take a look at our range to find out more.


  Melon           Peach           Pineapple     Blueberry         Coffee         Menthol       Strawberry         Tobacco         Mint

Tobacco Flavour refill Cartomizers: 2 x 5 Pack ( 10 ) Cartomizers for E-cigarettes are the small consumable devi…