Replacement Coils For The MT3/H2/H5 Clearomizer

  • Product Code Coil MT3H2H5

MT3 / H2 / H5  Replacement Coil 


 Coils seperatley:  £2.00 each            Buy 5 coils for just £1.60 each! (Just change Qty to 5)

Replacement coils are an excellent way to extend the life of your E-Liquid tank and make it sustainable.
MT3/H2/H5  vaping tanks help get the most from your E-Liquid, and these coils can help you get the most out of your MT3/H2/H5 tank; you only need to replace the Coil with these devices, and not the tank.

Of course, you may prefer the Ego Clearomizer, with it's vibrant look and feel, and the smoking experience is the same – It all depends on your preferences as a Vaper.


You can save money on this item when you purchase several at a time. The table below shows the minimum quantities required to benefit from this offer, and how much they'll cost.

Quantity Price per unit
3+ £1.70
5+ £1.60
10+ £1.50

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